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Maxava is a worldwide provider of innovative High Availability and Disaster Recovery software solutions for the IBM i platform. Partners have been using Maxava HA software for two decades to ensure business continuity, reduce risk and meet regulatory requirements.

Maxava has always taken partner-focused approach to business. Almost 100% of our business is driven exclusively through partners to deliver maximized data resiliency and minimized business interruptions for the world’s most demanding IBM i customers. Through our global operation, we provide around the clock sales & support to customers and partners in over 40 countries.

Maxava partners benefit from our channel-based strategy. We do not bypass partners when it comes to end client relationships. We offer payment programs that easily fit into existing budgets and payment schedules.  We help partners lead when it comes to service delivery.

The Maxava program also enhances partner offerings for the IBM i platform by allowing them to provide support services that customers need, reducing their unnecessary overhead, and helping partners remotely manage day-to-day activities at customer sites.


Flexibility is key to helping partner's deliver the right offering to their clients. To support partners, Maxava offers various option for solutions and software to be delivered as:

  • License and Maintenance

  • Quarterly Subscription

  • Annual Subscription

  • Software as a Service

  • Turnkey DRaaS

Because Maxava develops the class-leading Maxava HA suite of solutions, we truly understand what customers are looking for and can help partners translate those needs into reality. With over 20 years of experience across a spectrum of complex IBM i environments, we have proven that the scalability of Maxava HA can meet the needs of IBM i partners and customers of all sizes.


​The backbone of Maxava’s success lies in our HA solution set. The Maxava HA software provides real-time replication, virtually unlimited concurrent apply processes, constant data checking and an easy to use GUI, along with maxView mobile monitoring and management for on-the-go access. Maxava HA is easy to use, offers proven performance in the toughest environments, requires minimal support and is always role-swap ready.

Providing practical protection against the impact of lost revenue and productivity, legal risk and potential brand damage triggered by unplanned downtime, Maxava HA solutions deliver to the needs of today’s businesses. With a track record of hundreds of successful partner installations in more than 40 countries and supported by a world-class technology team - Maxava HA delivers disaster recovery measured in minutes.

A World-wide and Expanding Customer Base

Today Maxava HA has been implemented by partners across a wide range of prominent companies and organizations across many sectors and geographies, from enterprise scale global corporates to medium sized businesses within each region.


Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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