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Maxava helps partners fill the gaps when it comes to Disaster Recovery. Our solutions range from replication software, to managed services, to full turnkey DR solutions. Whatever your customer’s schedule or budget, Maxava provides solutions that fit the bill.


Maxava products deliver the needs of today’s businesses by providing practical protection against the lost revenue, legal risk and brand damage triggered by unplanned downtime and business interruptions.


To be effective, Disaster Recovery environments must always be "role-swap ready" for a system outage or interruption.

maxAssured services, deliver ongoing remote monitoring and management of systems, providing the confidence and expertise to ensure customers are ready and equipped to deal with a disaster.


When partners need to provide a turnkey solution for Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) we offer Maxava360 – a unique combination of DR-specific hardware, software and services.


This solution is perfect when partners and clients do not want to invest in refreshing or adding onsite Hardware Infrastructure or Data Center costs.


The Maxava Cloud model for partners is available to partners who want to provide a multi-tenant backup infrastructure for hosted disaster recovery.


Maxava supplies all of the software (and services if necessary) to help partners manage the replication and failover process from the customer’s on-premises source to the hosted partner target.

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