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Maxava Introduces Fully Managed Disaster Recovery Solution for IBM i Partners

Maxava the leading software vendor dedicated to IBM i High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR), has announced a new offering aimed at resellers, ISVs, and Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

Maxava’s Fully Managed Disaster Recovery (FMDR) offering provides partners with all the components necessary to manage every aspect of IBM i DR. This extends all the way from initial planning, through implementation, ongoing monitoring, virtual and real role swap testing, to 24 x 7 crisis support in a disaster.

John Dominic, Maxava’s VP of Global Sales, says, “our partners are telling us that their customers no longer want a “disparate set of DR services and solutions” even if they are individually “best of breed”. They want the partner to own the management of the DR environment and manage a swift and professional recovery if a disaster is declared”.

Dominic continues, “our FMDR offering is designed to give our partners the skills and bandwidth to exceed their customers’ expectations without over-extending their own resources. At Maxava we live and breathe IBM i DR. FMDR is about extending to our partners the opportunity to supplement their own services offerings, by including Maxava experts, where they think it adds value”.

The FMDR solution encompasses various key components to ensure comprehensive and reliable disaster recovery for IBM i servers. These include the implementation of Maxava HA, Capture Point Restore and Mi8 Monitor software on necessary servers - all of which can be done remotely. Additionally, Maxava provides training to customer/partner technicians, enabling them to collaborate effectively with Maxava in managing the DR environment. Ongoing monitoring using Maxava’s Mi8 Monitor software allows for proactive identification and remediation of any issues that may arise, by the designated responder.

The fully managed nature of the solution allows partners to package and sell it as part of their own broader service offerings, with the full confidence that the “ultimate experts” at Maxava are taking care of DR. Even partners that have limited Power Systems hardware can take advantage of FMDR by utilizing one of the public cloud offerings increasingly commonplace in the market. Maxava has already configured and managed environments in the majority of the most popular IBM i public cloud offerings and works closely with the main providers.

With the introduction of the Fully Managed Disaster Recovery (FMDR) solution, Maxava’s goal is to empower its IBM i partners (be they resellers, ISVs, or MSPs) to confidently deliver the industry leading, fully comprehensive, DR services that their customers are demanding.

FMDR promises to bring significant advantages to partners and their customers within the IBM i ecosystem, ensuring that a DR situation does not become a critical disaster.


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